World, meet Skelly. He’s lived in my studio since my eldest was a toddler and thus (other than my HSC major work that’s hanging around for repairs) is the oldest painting I had in there. I worked on him with my (now four year old) son wrapped to my chest. I worked on him when I was stuck on the couch, heavily pregnant with my (now two year old) youngest. It’s weird not having my old friend in my work-in-progress stack of shame behind my easel!

I was initially trying to think of a clever name to give a window into what he means to me, but my dear sister (and awesome artist) Teresa pointed out that he already has a name, and maybe it would be most authentic to just keep it as that! Fair point, here’s to authenticity and silly names for spooky subject matter.

Skelly. Acrylic and Posca paint marker on canvas. 2021.

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